Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Dog Training Tip: Prevent Dog Fights and Anxiety - Just Breathe

Prevent dog fights and anxiety  - learn to use breathing  to effectively communicate and direct your dog...

Dogs in the same household that are getting in to fights are doing so for very specific reasons - this is true regardless of whether you can or cannot identify a reason for the fight. The same is true for other reactive behaviors such as separation anxiety and other out-of-balance behaviors. The triggers to behavior can be very obvious and very subtle, so to solutions. When it comes to dealing with behavior resolution learning to use good communication skills and psychological intervention supports the best of outcomes. 

Dogs use multiple methods to express how they are feeling, thinking, observing, reacting and communicating. Dogs are very intelligent, insightful observers and communicators - much more so than many people realize. That saying you 'can't fool a dog' is not just an old saying - it is a reflection of reality. So how do you make this truth work for you? Well, you learn to be a better communicator. Breathing is a form of communication on its own, one that dogs are acutely aware of. When used consciously and deliberately to express a state of being and to provide direction, breathing is an effective way to dispel tension, stop unwanted behavior before it occurs and calm your dog. In tense and/or otherwise excited situations, inattentiveness to how you are breathing can create heightened states of anxiety and reactivity in your dog and can trigger fights between dogs...read more...Continue Reading Here >>

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