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Chocolate Poisoning In Dogs, Symptoms and What to Do

★ 3.5 min read  In this article: Dogs most vulnerable to chocolate poisoning Types of chocolate, most poisonous to least poisonous Non poisonous types of chocolate Symptoms of chocolate poisoning Chocolate toxicity calculator, an aid to assess risk What to do if your dog eats chocolate  Poison control help centre   Chocolate (and cocoa) are poisonous (toxic) to dogs due to two natural compounds, theobromine and caffeine. Theobromine and caffeine speed-up heart rate and over-stimulate a dog's nervous system.   Dogs Most Vulnerable to Chocolate Poisoning Ingestion of chocolate can cause serious acute illness and death. While not all dogs experience a serious adverse reaction to consuming chocolate, many dogs do become seriously ill and die. Improper treatment, or treatment started too late can result in death.  How ingestion of chocolate effects your dog, depends on her personal circumstances, for example: The body weight of your dog. How much chocolate your dog consumed. The type of

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