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Euphrasia, Coconut Oil DIY Natural Treatment - Dog Cat Eye Infections

This natural DIY eye infection treatment for dogs and cats requires two simple ingredients – the herb euphrasia, also known as ‘eye bright’; and coconut oil. Euphrasia and coconut oil offer anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and minerals that help fight infection, sooth, nourish and protect the eye, and surrounding fur. Time to say ‘NO’ to conventional antibiotics, corticosteroids, and associated adverse side effects!

DIY Dog and Cat Eye Infection Treatment

Step 1 - Euphrasia Tea Eye Drops, and Cleanse

You Will Need –
  • Euphrasia (eye bright) tea, organic or wild-crafted.
  • Spring water, or filtered tap water – no unfiltered tap water!
  • Tea pot or cup.
  • Kettle, or pot.
  • Eye dropper.
  • Coconut oil – organic, cold pressed, unrefined.
  • Cotton or bamboo make-up remover pads. 
Preparation -
  • Place euphrasia tea bag, or euphrasia-filled tea infuser in the tea pot or cup – use 1 tea bag for every 8 ounces of water.
  • Using a kettle or pot, heat the water – when you see bubbles rising from the bottom of your kettle or pot the water is sufficiently heated. Don’t allow the water to boil.
  • Pour the heated water into the kettle or cup.
  • Allow to steep for 10 minutes.
  • Remove tea bag or infuser.
  • Allow the tea to cool to room temperature.
  • Fill the eye dropper bottle with tea.
  • Pour the remaining euphrasia tea into a glass bottle, and cap the bottle.
Storage -
  • Store the euphrasia tea in the refrigerator for up to a week.
Application -
  • Use an eye dropper to drop 1 up to 3 drops of the euphrasia tea into the eye, 1 times up to 4 time per day as needed.
  • Never allow the glass dropper to touch the eye.
    • If the dropper does come into contact with the eye, cleanse the dropper in hot water, with non-toxic soap, and rinse well prior to reusing the dropper.
  • After you have administered the drops use a clean cotton or bamboo pad to gently wipe any tea that has dripped from the eye onto the fur around the eye.
    • If treating both eyes - use a clean pad for each eye, don’t use the same pad on both eyes.
  • You can also soak a pad in the tea, squeeze out excess tea and use the pad to wipe around the eye – starting in the inside corner and wiping outwards.
Step 2 - Coconut Oil Salve
Once or twice a day, after you have treated, cleansed the eye with the euphrasia…
  • With clean hands, apply a little coconut oil, on the fur under the infected eye.
  • The coconut oil helps to fight the bacteria, makes it easier to clean-up any build-up of discharge under the eye, and helps to stop staining from the bacteria laden eye discharge.
Step 3 - Treating an Eye Infection is a Three Part Process

Use an effective, *suitable to-your individual dog, and cat:
  1. Topical treatment.
  2. Ingested natural antibiotics – I recommend using appropriate foods, herbs, nutraceuticals and alternative medicines (not conventional antibiotics and other drugs).
  3. Address root cause.
Do not rely on topical treatment on its own to resolve the issue - remember the three Part Process above!
Eye infections don't always clear-up right away (i.e. within several days to a week), depending on the root cause treatment can take time, as items 1., .2. and 3. above must be addressed and resolved. 
*There are MANY different herbal, and natural eye drops - the above is just one of those many options. Your animal's specific situation may require a different natural eye drop. If you are not able to resolve this on your own its time for a consultation!

f your dog or cat is suffering from re-occurring, chronic eye infections it is very important to identify and treat the root cause – naturally!

Note - When introducing a new to-your-animal topical treatment for the first time, always do a small test spot, wait 24 hours – if no adverse reaction occurs you can proceed to standard application. Do not use the treatment if your dog or cat has a sensitivity (intolerance or allergy) to any of the substances in the treatment. If you are using conventional drugs and are thinking of adding a natural treatment make sure you thoroughly research relevant interactions, contradictions, cautions and side effects.

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