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Sessions, Advice via email for National and International Clients - Dog Training, Puppy Training, Behaviour Modification, Nutrition, Health

  • Training;
  • Behaviour Modification;
  • Rehabilitation;
  • Nutrition;
  • Health

Sessions via email Nationally & Internationally  

This service is perfect for those who do not reside within my in-person service area and would like to have guidance on:
  • Training;
  • Behavioural issues (for examples, see below); 
    • Anxiety or over-excitement and/or motion sickness in vehicles; 
    • Barking; 
    • Begging for Food, Food Surfing (tables, counters, from children, etc.) 
    • Bolting out your door; 
    • Chasing your cats, and other small animals; 
    • Chewing/ biting your hands, feet, clothing etc.; 
    • Crate Training; 
    • Dog-to-Dog Aggressive-reactive Behaviour; 
    • Dog-to-People Aggressive-reactive Behaviour; 
    • Fear of People, Places and Things; 
    • Food Aggressive-Reactive Behaviour; 
    • Grief; 
    • Unwanted Guarding Behaviour of people, places and things; 
    • Inability to Settle-down (calm) and Relax…’hyper activity’; 
    • Inappropriate Behaviour with Guests; 
    • Obsessive Behaviour, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD); 
    • Marking in the House;
    • Poor Leash-walking habits (pulling, weaving, flopping);  
    • Separation Anxiety; 
    • Etc.
  • Nutrition/Health.
If you would like to know more about my methods and philosophy on working with dogs and their people you can read more here.

To Engage My E-mail Session Service

Simply follow the steps below in the order of listing:
  1. Contact me via email at with your request/description of your situation;
  2. Once I have received your request, I will let you know if I can be of help;  
  3. Once I have confirmed that I can assist you resolving the issue at hand, you will need to let me know how you will be paying for the email consultation service; 
o   I Offer Two *Payment Methods for my National and International Clients’ Convenience...
      •  E-mail Money Transfer, and; 
      •  Credit Card via Paypal.
    • If you want to pay via Paypal I will send you an invoice;
    • If you want to pay via email money transfer I will send you a password and you can then proceed with transfer payment; 
    • Payment must be made prior to provision of my advisory services.
4.   If applicable, you may choose to attach, to your email - a video of your dog’s behaviour and I will review that along with your request and written description of what you are experiencing with your dog.

E-mail Consultation, Session Cost
30 minutes - $50.00 (Canadian Funds)
60 Minutes
- $100.00 (Canadian Funds)

*harmonized sales tax and Paypal fees (if applicable) will be added at time of invoicing

International/National Client Comments

My two year old chihuahua Abbey has had severe car anxiety from the day we brought her home at 12 weeks. It was been miserable as we like to travel to see our kids and I also enjoy taking my two chihuahua's where ever I can. I tried everything, the spray, the tape, the jacket, strong tranquilizers and those did not even work! She always wanted to go but once in the car she would cry and whine non stop,,while her sister would just enjoy the ride and love the warm sun. I was miserable, Abbey was miserable and giving her drugs was not my idea of a solution as it is dangerous to give such a small dog these drugs. well I followed Karen's advice, I did everything she said, it did not happen overnight but all of a sudden I realized my car was quiet and I looked back and she was snuggled up with her sister enjoying her outing. We were at our wits end as this was going on for two years and to pay a sitter to come to the house is 100.00 a day so it made it very expensive when we could of taken her and we all would of been so much happier. I have referred Karen to many of my dog friends and they are all amazed at her gift of understanding the relationship between the owner and the dog. I knew it was something I was doing but just did not know how to fix it. When ever an issue comes up as dogs are like kids always learning or I am still learning this is where I find the answers. thank you Karen from Abbey and Maggie and especially mommy! We think you are the best dog trainer out there :)
Nancy Lucky

I have to thank you so much for you time! You are so great! And so fast! It shows that you are truly dedicated to the betterment of the dog It is such a warm feeling to know that there are people who think as you do in their approach to dog training. I have learned so much from your expertise! It just reiterates what I believe in. Dog training is my heart and soul and it's all about the dog!  I would love to stay in contact with you.... maybe you could mentor me! Again thank you so much for you efforts. They are priceless!!!!!
Jeremy Majors
            Majors Academy Dog Training

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Feel free to leave a comment below - if your comment is polite, informative etc. I will publish it. If your comment is a quick question, I will answer it if time permits...

If you require additional assistance with your dogs you can engage me to...
1.0) Do an in-person session (see details below)
2.0)  Do a phone/email consultation (see details below)

1.0) In-Person Sessions are available to you if you live in the region of Ottawa-Gatineau, the Ottawa Valley and Region.
(i.e. Ottawa, Hull, Alymer, Orleans, Bells Corners, Manotick, Vars, Kanata, Stittsville, Smith Falls, Fitzroy, Carp, Arnprior, Renfrew, etc.) 
  and surrounding areas 
(i.e. Brockville, Smith Falls, Perth, Kingston, L'Original, Val-des-Monte, St-Pierre-de-Wakefield, etc.)
or if you will be visiting the area from out-of-town.

Methods of Payment (for In-Person Sessions):
Cash, Email Money Transfer and Credit Card via PayPal

2.0) If you reside elsewhere you can engage my world wide consultation service, details of which are provided just below...

My Hourly Fee
$100.00/hour in Canadian funds.

Purchasing Consultation Time:
Client’s often start out by purchasing an hour of my time and then augment that if required to suit the situation;
Or you can – if your situation requires it, purchase whatever block of time you want (i.e. multiple hours).

Methods of Payment:
Email Money Transfer and Credit Card via PayPal

1.0 Email Money Transfer:
1 hour = $100.00 in Canadian Funds;
For payment via email money transfer I provide you with a password (security information).

2.0 Credit Card via PayPal
1 hour = $100.00 + $5.00 PayPal Transaction fee = $105.00 Canadian Funds;
For payment via PayPal I send you a PayPal invoice to enable payment.

Method of Consultation – Canada, USA and Abroad (i.e. UK, Asia, etc.)

If You Are Located In:

1.0 Canada:
I can work with you via:
Phone with follow-up by email, or;
Via email only;
The choice is yours;
If you want to work via phone you provide me with your phone number and I will call you at the mutually agreed upon Consultation time.

2.0 USA:
I can work with you via:
Phone with follow-up by email, or;
Via email only;
The choice is yours;
If you want to work via phone:
You call me at the following number 613-622-7958, at the mutually agreed upon consultation time.

3.0 ALL OTHER GLOBAL LOCATIONS (i.e. UK. Asia, etc.):
I can work with you via:
Via email only, or;
Phone with follow-up by email…
The choice is yours;
If you want to work via phone:
You call me at the following number 613-622-7958, at the mutually agreed upon consultation time.

To Set-up a Consultation
Step 1 – Identify how you would prefer to pay for the consultation;
  Payment options as noted above are:
o    email money transfer, or;
o    Credit card via Paypal.
Step 2 – Identification of a consultation time that works for both our schedules;
Step 3 – You then pay the fee for the amount of consultation time you want to purchase;
Step 4 – Consultation takes place on the agreed upon time.

Contact me at

Office 613-622-7958
Cell 613-293-3707

Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer Services
Behaviour Modification;

Whether you are experiencing dog behavior problems and would like assistance, or just want to bring your dog up to be a well-balanced canine -  I offer both a local and international service for people with one or multiple dogs. 
I work with all breeds - from small (i.e. Yorkie, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, etc.), medium breeds size (including Pit Bulls) and large breed dogs...

International e-Consultation 

Contact me at

Office 613-622-7958
Cell 613-293-3707