Thursday, 3 March 2016

Homemade Coconut Oil Herbal Toothpaste for Dogs and Cats

DIY recipe for homemade coconut oil herbal toothpaste for dogs and cats combines the natural goodness of coconut oil, turmeric, stevia, and kelp. This toothpaste works hard to kill bad bacteria that cause plaque, and bad breath. The ingredients also aid in dissolving plaque, while reducing inflammation of the gums.

Health promoting and healing, simply natural, simply good…

DIY Recipe – Coconut Oil Herbal Toothpaste for Dogs, Cats

You Will Need The Following Items -
  • Coconut Oil - organic
  • Herbal Ingredients
    • Kelp powder - deep sea kelp, or Norwegian kelp
    • Turmeric powder – organic or wild crafted
    • Stevia extract – organic or wild crated
    • Oil of oregano - organic or wild crafted
  • Utensils
    • Soft bristled tooth brush, or
    • Organic cotton balls,
    • Or small, soft clean cloth.
    • Glass or pottery mixing bowl
    • Small glass jar
Preparation and Storage -
  • 1/4 cup organic coconut oil
    • If the coconut oil is solid rather than soft or liquid, place the jar of coconut oil (make sure the lid is on tight!) in warm water, or put the measured amount of coconut oil in saucepan on lowest setting and gently heat until soft. Coconut oil becomes a liquid when room temperature is 76o F / 24.4o C.
  • 1/8 tsp of organic turmeric
  • 1/8 tsp kelp
  • 2 drops of organic stevia extract
  • 3 drops of oil of oregano
  • Place all ingredients together in a glass or pottery bowl, mix together, blend well.
  • Pour resulting mixture (herbal toothpaste) into a small glass jar.
  • Store in the refrigerator.

How To Use the Coconut Oil Herbal Toothpaste -
  • When you are ready to brush your dogs or cats teeth… 
    • Make sure the lid of the toothpaste jar is on tight.
    • Place the jar of toothpaste in warm water for a few minutes – this will soften the toothpaste.
    • To ensure the toothpaste remains pristine, use a clean spoon to scoop the desired amount of toothpaste out of the jar, and into a small cup.
    • Dip a clean toothbrush, your finger, or cotton ball into the toothpaste in the cup.
  • Gently brush your dogs or cats teeth with the toothpaste.
Can’t Get One of the Ingredients?
If you are not able to get one of the following ingredients - stevia, or turmeric, or kelp, you can still make an effective toothpaste, even if you leave one of the ingredients out.

More about the health benefits of…
  • Coconut oil - go here.
  • Turmeric – go here.
  • Oil of oregano is a natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral.
  • Kelp – Bacillus lichenformis is a ‘good’ bacteria that lives on the surface of the kelp plant. When kelp is introduced to your dog’s mouth the Bacillus lichenformis releases an enzyme. The enzyme breaks down bad bacteria biofilm that causes plaque formation.
  • Stevia – is a sweet tasting herb that offers antibacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties and reduces biofilm.
If your dog or cat has a health condition always check for contradictions, and drug interactions before using herbs, nutraceuticals, and alternative medicines. These are discussed in the links provided above.

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Friday, 5 February 2016

Tomato Pomace in Your Dog Food, Cat Food – Healthy or Not?

Tomato Pomace in your Dog Food, Cat Food – healthy or not? 

NOT. Many pet food manufacturers include tomato pomace in their pet food and treat products. Pet food manufacturers advertise tomato pomace as an ‘excellent’ source of bioflavonoids, lycopene, nutrients and soluble fibre. Let’s take a closer look…

Tomato Pomace is a Popular Ingredient in Dog Food, Cat Food
Those lovely photos of lush, ripe whole tomatoes on product packaging are there to make you feel good about buying a product that appears to include fresh, nutritious produce.

Tomato pomace is a WASTE product left-over from processing tomatoes for tomato ketchup, tomato juice, tomato paste, etc.  Tomato pomace is made from tomato peels, tomato seeds, and some tomato pulp.

Tomato pomace is what the food industry likes to call a ‘by-product’. So what’s the difference between a waste product and a by-product? If the food industry can find a way to profit from the sale of a waste product, that product is then called a by-product.

Tomato pomace is a readily available, inexpensive, bulk filler - this is why it is popular with pet food manufacturers. 

Pomace is not a Viable Source of Nutrition
The pomace used in dog and cat food goes through two intense processing stages. Initial processing during the manufacture of made for human products as per this flow chart. Then further processing during the making of dry or wet highly processed dog and cat food.  While the pomace retains nutritional value during the initial processing, the second round of intense processing destroys that nutritional value.  Ask yourself this - if the fruit and veg added to your dogs, cats dry and wet food is viable – why does the manufacturer add reconstituted vitamins (typically made from GMO corn and soy), and minerals to the pet food? Because the vitamins and minerals in the fruits and vegetables are destroyed by over-processing.

Preservatives in Pomace
Tomato pomace goes rancid very quickly. The pomace must be either  ensiled, sun dried, mechanically dried or chemically preserved.  Pomace used in pet food is either dried or chemically preserved.  You cannot tell from the product label what method of preservation was used. The chemical preservatives used to preserve pomace are toxic and carcinogenic.

Grown with a Cocktail of Chemicals
The tomato pomace in your dog food, cat food contains a lot of chemical residue.  The tomato pomace used by the pet industry is sourced from non-organic tomatoes. These tomatoes typically contain 35 types of pesticide residues. 14 of the pesticides are suspected hormone disrupters, 6 are neurotoxins, 5 are known probable carcinogens and 3 are developmental toxins. The chemical residue is absorbed by, and most concentrated in the tomato skin.  Remember - tomato pomace is primarily tomato skin, followed by seeds, and some pulp.

Tomato Pomace in Low End, Mid-Range and Premium Pet Food
Which pet food product lines use tomato pomace? Low end, mid-range and premium dry food, wet food, and treats. For example…
Artemis Fresh Mix
Blue Buffalo
Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance
Dog’s Well Nutrisca
Earthborne Holistic
Chicken Soup for the Soul
Golden Eagle Holistic Health
Hill’s Prescription Diet
Hill’s Science Diet
I and Love You
Ivory Coat Natural Health
Nature’s Recipe
Performatrin Ultra
Premium Edge
Purina Veterinary Diets
Royal Canin
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet
Simply Nourish
Taste of the Wild
Wellness Core
…and many more.

The list above represents a few of the many dog food, and cat food product lines that include tomato pomace. Notice the list above includes three lines of veterinary prescribed ‘foods’ marketed to ‘address’ serious chronic inflammatory health conditions. The pet food industry is not to be trusted. The truth is, pesticides are toxins that contribute to, and cause inflammatory conditions.

If you want to feel good about adding appropriate veggies, and fruit (i.e. tomatoes) to your dog’s and cat’s daily diet, try some of the produce on this list, and follow the instructions provided to ensure maximum absorption of nutrients. 

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