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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

How Safe Are Eggs for Your Dog, Cat? Myths and Truths about Biotin, Salmonella, and Chemical Egg Wash

Part III of Your Complete Guide to Eggs for Dogs and Cats... 

How Safe are Eggs for Dogs and Cats? Eggs can be a source of valuable nutrition for dogs and cats...

But there's myths that discourage people from feeding eggs to dogs and cats. Confusion and rumors over biotin and salmonella. It's time for the truth so your dog and cat can enjoy the amazing nutritional value of eggs!

We need to talk about:
  • Biotin and Avidin.
  • Salmonella.
  • Chemical Washing Agents.

Have you Heard of Biotin Deficiency?

Biotin is an essential B vitamin your dog and cat need to remain healthy. Biotin is necessary for healthy fur, nail, skin, metabolic and neurological health.

Eggs yolks contain biotin.

Egg whites contain avidin.

Consumption of egg white (no yolk) leaves avidin free to bind with biotin already present in the dog or cat's body. Regular consumption of unbound aviden can cause biotin deficiency.

The solution is simple and nutritious always give the egg white and yolk together. The aviden in the white binds to the biotin in the yolk. When consumed the avidin cannot rob the body of biotin.

Cooking egg prevents avidin from blocking biotin absorption. But cooking denatures valuable enzymes present in egg. 

Companion animals diagnosed as biotin deficient should consume cooked egg, not raw egg. Companion animals at risk of deficiency due to drugs (ie. anti-seizure medications) should consume cooked egg.

Salmonella Poisoning from Raw Eggs, Concerned?

Not an issue...

Pasture sourced eggs are clean as pastured hens don't live, stand and lie down in excrement and filth.

Pastured hens' species appropriate diet supports a healthy immune system and gut biome. The hens' reproductive tract is not riddled with bad bacteria.

Pasture sourced eggs not washed with chemical cleaners can sit on a counter for days. Naturally good and bacteria-free no need for refrigeration.

Yes, can be an issue...

Factory farm battery cage, enriched colony, and cage-free sourced eggs have high bacteria-counts.

Hens live (sit, sleep, lay their eggs) in filthy conditions. Hens eat a diet that creates overgrowth of bad bacteria. Forced molts harm already weakened immunity. The root-cause of salmonella-tainted eggs is poor farm husbandry practices.

Chemical Washing of Eggs πŸ§ͺ

According to the USDA and Health Canada regulations all eggs must undergo chemical-rinse. The chemicals destroy bad bacteria and "remove stains" (excrement, blood etc.). Bacteria and stains resulting from unnatural living conditions. The chemical-wash also destroys the eggs' natural protective layer.

When a hen is about to lay an egg her body excretes a liquid coating to cover the egg. The coating surrounds the egg with a protective cuticle. The cuticle prevents bad bacteria from entering the shell, membrane, white and yolk. The cuticle also keeps essential moisture and carbon dioxide in the egg. The cuticle is a non-toxic preservative that provides natural antimicrobial protection and impermeability.

Chemical detergent-wash destroys the egg cuticle. Thousands of tiny pores in the shell become exposed.

To help reseal the open pores eggs go through an intensive drying process. But any exposure to moisture including condensation results in pore reopening. 

These eggs need refrigeration to avoid salmonella contamination.

In the UK adherence to good animal husbandry is the norm so chemical-washing if eggs isn't required. Eggs remain fresh, have no toxic residue and don't need refrigeration.

What's in Chemical Wash?

The chemical wash contains corrosive toxic and environment-damaging substances such as:
⚠️ Chlorine. 
⚠️ Polyethylene glycol.
⚠️ Sodium tripolyphosphate.
⚠️ Coloring agents.
⚠️ Caustic soda. 
Less noxious substances include iodine and ozone.
And yes, water.

Chemical detergent wash products include the following warnings:
πŸ†˜ Corrosive.
πŸ†˜ Harmful if swallowed.
πŸ†˜ Contact may cause immediate pain.
πŸ†˜ Inhalation of vapors cause respiratory irritation or damage.
πŸ†˜ Take-off and destroy shoes contaminated with detergent. 

After the chemical wash eggs get a warm water wash. The warm water wash does not remove all chemical residue. 

Pink Color Egg White - Bacteria Spoilage 🦠

If you crack an egg open and see pinkish color egg white; discard the egg. Pink color egg white indicates presence of bad bacteria. Most common are Pseudomonas bacteria or flavorbacterium.

Food Sensitivity

Some dogs and cats that are allergic to chicken are not allergic to chicken eggs. Other dogs and cats that are allergic to chicken are also allergic to chicken eggs. These individuals may or may not be allergic to other bird eggs. For a list of varieties of eggs you can offer your dog see Part 1 of my Guide To Eggs for Dogs and Cats.

Complete Guide to Eggs for Dogs:


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