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Friday, 22 January 2016

Toxic Additive in Dog, Cat Food – Flavoring, Flavor Enhancers

 Toxic Additive in Dog, Cat Food - Flavoring, Flavor Enhancers
...Artificial, natural (and yes, even organic), flavoring and flavor enhancers are a threat to dogs, and cats health. So why are these toxic additives – flavoring and flavor enhancers used as an ingredient in dog and cat food, treats, supplements, and drugs?

Time for the Truth...

Artificial, Natural Flavoring, Flavor Enhancers Cover-up Inappropriate Ingredients
The pet food, and supplement industry uses artificial and natural flavoring to mask rancid and inappropriate ingredients – i.e. rancid fish oil, previously used, rancid vegetable oils (a by-product of restaurants, and the made-for-humans processed food industry).

The pet food industry uses artificial and natural flavor, flavor enhancers to fool your dogs, cat’s taste receptor system. The taste receptor system is responsible for detecting chemicals present in the oral cavity – i.e. real, whole foods are comprised of naturally occurring organic chemicals. Highly processed food contain multiple synthesized chemicals.  Processed pet food is a scientific formulation engineered for profit, not for health – this is so for even the ‘best’ dry dog and cat ‘foods’. Species inappropriate bulk fillers, and additives are used in all highly processed dry food products and supplements. Flavor enhancers are used to fool the taste receptor system by using synthesized chemicals to mimic the natural chemical profiles of essential nutrients such as essential amino acids in raw meat. These synthesized chemicals signal the brain, and body that essential nutrition intake has been fully and appropriately satisfied.

This same tactic is used by Pet Food manufacturers to entice dogs, and cats to consume species inappropriate ingredients. Typical examples are corn, and other grains; soy, and other legumes such as lentils and chick peas – inflammatory, chronic disease causing ‘ingredients’.

Flavoring, Flavor Enhancers Replace Flavor Destroyed in Over Processed Food Products

Highly processed (over-processed) food loses its Natural flavor during the manufacturing process – to make the product enticing the manufacturer adds artificial or ‘natural’ flavoring.  

Flavoring Added To Drugs and Supplements to Entice

‘Natural’ and artificial flavoring is added to entice the dog or cat to consume the drug or supplement.  Simple but problematic.  Drugs are used by conventional medicine to address illness.  Supplements are used to promote health, treat and remedy health conditions. Flavoring (natural and artificial) contain allergens, toxins and carcinogens. A remedy, treatment or cure cannot be ‘health’ promoting if it contains allergens, toxins and carcinogens, it does contribute to toxic load, and inflammatory, chronic disease.

Lack of Ethics is Pervasive in the Made-for-Pet Supplement Industry

The supplement industry is just as unethical as Big Pharma. Sadly well known members of the holistic pet community are just as guilty (as members of the allopathic community) of pushing and selling supplements that contain inappropriate ingredients. Many products are advertised as ‘natural’, and/or 'holistic', and are sold by individuals or organizations within the holistic community - but never assume that the product is toxin-free, or truly natural. The 'pet' industry is populated by spin doctors - the truth is there is no excuse for including toxins in a made-for dog or cat product.

The Bottom Line
Whole, fresh, species appropriate foods are flavorful, and do not require added flavoring.  Supplements (herbs, nutraceuticals) should be health promoting, and health supporting, not health deteriorating - your dogs and cats supplement should NOT contain flavor. If you need to add flavor to entice your dog or cat to take his/her medicine, give with appropriate food, broth  or healthful treats selected and portioned to suit the individual's situation.

Do you know the difference between artificial, natural, and organic flavoring? The answer may surprise you – find out here.

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