Monday, 5 December 2011


In support of the ongoing efforts of Shane and Sia Barbi, Ken Wahl and all of those who support them in their efforts to Stop Horse Slaughter.
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To the Government of Canada and the United States of America

Allowing the slaughter of horses for meat (and for any other reason!) opens the door to abuse and great loss - is any of this necessary - the answer is NO.


Many humans are greedy opportunists. To such people, making a $ is everything. No matter the consequences, the cost to humans and non-human animals - the road to abuse lies wide open.

Even if ‘laws’ are put in place regarding how the horses will be ‘cultivated’, ‘housed’ and slaughtered the door to abuse is open. There are not enough eyes and ears to regulate and enforce such a law and overtime regulators get sloppy and apathetic.


People have many sources from which to obtain protein. In general people eat too much protein. There is no valid, logical reason why anyone would need to consume the flesh of horses. The one and only reason - because they ‘feel’ entitled to do so.  This is a whim not a reason. Why do so many people believe it is OK to breed another living being simply for food? These people who ‘believe’ do not think, do not see, do not sense and therefore do not feel responsible. Not a reason but a conceit to condemn another species to a life of misery and death.


Horses have so much to share. If man subjugates a horse, so much is lost. If man creates a partnership of respect with a horse so much is gained. Over the ages, those humans who choose to work with a horse - rather than work a horse, learned of the beautiful and sensitive nature of this great animal. Treated with respect and allowed to thrive, a horse gladly partners with man. Those who cared learned of the horse’s intelligence, that each horse, like each human has its own unique personality. They learned that a horse could/would share love, warmth, joy and grief. They learned that a horse can save a human from losing the best of humanity - sensitivity, humility. We also lose the beautiful, irreplaceable sight of seeing the grace and joy of a horse in its natural state. So much to lose - nothing to gain.

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  1. God please Forgive them for plundering such a precious resource!!


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