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In this article:
  1. Introduction What Can Herbs and Spices Do For Your Dog's Health?
  2. A Simple Sampling of Herbs and Spices For Your Dog's Daily Diet
    1. Help Maintain Good Health
    2. Treatment and remedy for health issues, conditions and chronic disease
  3. How To Incorporate Herbs and Spices in Your Dog's Diet
    1. Introducing herbs to your dog
    2. A sampling of recipes with herbs and spices for dogs
  4. Herbs and Spices That ARE Safe For Dogs
  5. Herbs and Spices That Are NOT Safe For Dogs
  6. General Guideline for Daily Herbal Intake

1.0 Introduction

There are many dog and cat safe herbs and spices. Herbs and spices can be used to support good health and used to prevent, treat and remedy health issues, conditions and disease.  
I use many different herbs and spices on a daily basis to support the health of my client dogs and cats, and my own dogs and cats.
This article provides examples of some of the many herbs and spices that are beneficial to dogs.

2.0 What Can Herbs and Spices Do For Your Dog?

2.1 Help Maintain Good Health
Herbs and spices provide natural support to maintain good health. For example, support for:
  1. Brain function.
  2. Bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles.
    1. Detox.
    2. Digestive tract.
    3. Endocrine system.
    4. Heart.
    5. Kidney.
    6. Liver.
    7. Immune system.
    8. Fur and skin. 
    9. Teeth and gums.
    10. Urinary tract.
    11. Whole body support.
    12. And more.
    2.2 Treat Health Issues, Conditions and Chronic Disease 
    Herbs and spices are used to naturally treat and remedy health issues and conditions. For example:
      1. Food allergy symptoms.
      2. Acid reflux.
      3. Anxiety and stress
      4. Bladder and kidney stones.
      5. Ear infections.
      6. Eye Infections.
      7. Environmental allergies.
      8. Depression.
      9. Detox post vaccination.
      10. Diarrhea.
      11. Fatty Lipomas.
      12. Fungal infections such as ringworm.
      13. Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes and associated disease.
      14. Kennel cough.
      15. Intestinal parasites.
      16. Oral health, gingivitis, infections, periodontal disease.
      17. Toxicity.
      18. Motion sickness.
      19. Urinary tract infections 
      20. Wounds.
      21. Viral infections.
      22. And more.
    For my dogs I create custom herbal (herb and spice) blends tailored to suit each of my individual dog's circumstances. I do the same for my client dogs. 

    herbs and spices to maintain your dog's good health
    Out for a walk with some of my dogs

    3.0 How To Include Herbs and Spices in Your Dog's Diet

    3.1 Introducing Herbs to Your Dog

    Prior to using an herb or spice for your dog, make sure you check suitability for your individual animal's circumstances.
    Many dogs self-select what they need and decline items that don't suit. 
    If your dog refuses an herb you offer, listen to your dog. Never force her to take a herb she does not want to take. 
    3.2 A Sampling of Recipes with Herbs and Spices for Dogs
    1. Bone Broth recipe.
    2. Golden paste.
    3. Pancakes and waffle recipes.
    4. Raw or Gently Cooked Food recipe.
    5. Smoothie recipes.
    6. Toothpaste.
    7. Treats.
    8. And many more recipes on this blog site.  
    4.0 A List of Herbs, Spices That Are Safe For Dogs

    4.1 Herbs and Spices That are Safe, Beneficial for Dogs

    A partial list:
    Aloe Vera Inner Fillet - go to this article.
    Anise seed
    Arnica Montana - go to this article.
    Barberry Bark
    Black pepper - golden paste recipe.
    Black Walnut - go to this article.
    Calendula - treat ear infections, soothe skin issues, treat oral health issues.
    Cat's Claw - go to this article.
    Cat Thyme
    Caraway Seed
    Chamomile - go to this article
    Ceylon Cinnamon - go to this article.
    Cilantro (Coriander) - go to this article.   
    Cloves - go to this article.
    Curcumin - go to this article
    Dong Quai - go to this article.
    Echinacea - for ear infections, for oral care issues.
    Eyebright - go to this article.
    Fennel - go to this article.
    Garlic - health benefits and dosage
    Ginger go to this article.
    Green Tea, decaffeinated - for eye infections, for a soothing rinse for skin.
    Golden Seal - for oral health issues,  for diarrhea.
    Irish Moss
    Indian Strawberry - go to this article.
    Juniper Berries - go to this article.
    Lemon Balm - go to this article.
    Lemon Grass
    Lemon Verbena
    Licorice Root - go to this article.
    Marjoram - go to this article.
    Marshmallow root
    Milk Thistle seed - go to this article
    Mint - for oral care.
    Mullein - for ear infections, for environmental allergies.   
    Neem - example, flea, tick, mosquito repellent.
    Nettle - for environmental allergies, and here.
    Oat straw green top
    Oregon Grape - for ear infections, for ear mites, for oral health issues
    Parsley - for worming, for oral health issues.
    Passion Flower
    Red Clover
    Rooibos Tea - health benefits, serving recommendations, soothing skin rinse.
    Rosemary - repel fleas, kill fleas
    Slippery Elm - health benefits, dosage. 
    St. John’s Wort
    Turmeric - a guide to using turmeric.
    Uva Ursi - urinary tract infections.
    Wormwood (a wormer that should only ever be used under the supervision of a holistic practitioner)

    4.2 Herbs, Spices That Are NOT Safe for Dog

    A partial list of herbs and spices that are not safe for dogs:
    Wormwood - use only under the supervision of a holistic practitioner.

    5.0 General Dosing Guideline

    The table below provides a general guideline based on your dog’s body weight.
    herbs and spices for dogs, general dosing chart by body weight
    tsp = teaspoon     tbs = tablespoon    times/day = times per day    x = times per day

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