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Rosemary Flea Spray, Dip for Puppies and Kittens


Rosemary flea spray, dip for puppies and kittens

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This simple homemade rosemary flea spray (or dip) can help resolve kittens and puppies flea infestations.

Rosemary herbal spray or herbal dip is safe for young puppies and kittens. It is also effective and safe for adult *dogs and cats.

To make a rosemary dip bath scale-up the size of the recipe below to suit the size of the bath basin you'll be using.

Rosemary Flea Spray Recipe

You'll need


Fresh or dry rosemary

Stainless steel sauce pan with a lid

Spray bottle


Pour 16 ounces of water into the saucepan.

Turn on the heat and boil the water.

Once the water has boiled, take the saucepan off of the heat.
To the boiled water immediately add 1/8 cup of fresh chopped rosemary or 2 teaspoons dry cut and sifted rosemary.

Allow the rosemary to steep in the water for 15 minutes.

Then remove the rosemary from the water.
Allow the rosemary water to cool.

Pour the liquid into a spray bottle.

To Use The Flea Spray

Before you use the spray, shake the bottle.

Apply the spray to your puppy's and kitten's fur (don't get the spray in puppy or kitten's eyes). Massage in well. Allow to air dry. 
Then run a flea comb through your little one's fur.

Reapply as needed. Safe for daily use.
To Use as a Flea Dip

Place a soft clean towel on the bottom of the wash tub. The towel will help your puppy or kitten to sit or stand without slipping.

Pour the slightly warm or room temperature rosemary liquid into the wash tub.

Place your puppy or kitten in the tub and gently, thoroughly wash your little one in the herbal bath. Run your fingers through your little one's fur and gently massage the herbal water into her skin.

Once her fur is dry run a flea comb through her fur.

The rosemary flea dip is safe for daily use.


1. Collies (rough or smooth coat) and Shetland sheep dogs (Shelties) have an inherited sensitivity to rosemary. Using rosemary on these two breeds can lead to seizures. Do not use the rosemary spray or dip on collies and shelties.
2. Do not use the rosemary spray of dip on dogs with a known history of seizures.

Make sure you also address the root cause of your kitten's and puppy's flea infestation...
An Appropriate Diet To Prevent Flea Infestations

Fleas (and other parasites) are attracted to animals that have an acidic body pH.

The most common cause of an acidic body pH is a diet of highly processed food products:
  1. Dry pet food (kibble, biscuits) and treats.
  2. Canned pet food.
A species appropriate raw diet supports normal body pH and a healthy immune system. A raw diet, or fresh and gently cooked food diet is the body's primary defense against insect and parasites infestation.

Adding whole food supplements can also help protect your kitten, puppy, cat and dog. For example:

Fresh garlic can help adult dogs and puppies **older than** six (6) months of age, stay flea-free. For dosage, preparation instructions, breed specific cautions and more, go here.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) or coconut sap vinegar (CSV) can help balance body pH. You'll find more information and dosing instructions for ACV here, CSV here.

Kelp and good-source omega-3 fatty acids can also help. More information and dosing instructions here.

You'll find more recipes for herbal flea treatments here.

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