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Rice is not Good for Dogs and Cats 


Rice is not good for dogs and cats

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Rice is not good for dogs and cats. Rice is a grain and a starchy carbohydrate. Rice, grains and other starchy carbohydrates are not part of a dog or cat’s ancestral diet. Dogs and cats don't need nor do they thrive on grains and other starchy carbs. White rice, brown rice, wild rice, organic rice. All inappropriate, without exception. Rice causes inflammation in the canine and feline body and is a major contributing factor to:

- Allergies

- Anxiety

- Anal gland issues

- Arthritis

- Cancer

- Diabetes

- Diarrhea

- Heart issues and disease

- Gastrointestinal issues

- Kidney disease and failure

- Leaky gut

- Liver issues

- Obesity

- Oral health issues and disease

- Pancreas issues and pancreatitis

- Urinary tract issues

Other inflammatory issues and conditions.

Rice derivatives such as rice bran are also inappropriate for dogs.

A dogs and cat’s digestive tract are evolved to process fresh moisture rich whole foods:

Animal protein (muscle meat, organs).

- Animal fat.

- Raw non-load bearing bone.

- Plant material including a small amount of greens, berries, seeds and herbs.

You’ll find an overview of safe, fresh foods for dogs in this article.

Rice, other grains and other starchy carbs:

- Acidify the body creating a perfect environment for parasites.

- Block the absorption of essential nutrients.

- Cause spikes in blood sugar.

- Dehydrate the body causing strain on vital organs.

- Slow down the elimination of waste from the body.

- Contribute to the accumulation of disease causing toxins.

Many veterinarians recommend rice to help 'treat' diarrhea. Terrible advice as rice can cause diarrhea. Rice can ferment in the intestinal tract and cause exacerbation of diarrhea.

Don't give your companion animal rice for diarrhea. You'll find natural interventions for treating diarrhea in dogs and cats in this article.

All plants have specific affinities to various minerals and elements in soil. The rice plant has a natural affinity to arsenic, meaning the roots of the plant seek to draw arsenic from the soil.

Fertilizer (used on conventional rice crops) contain inorganic (synthetic) arsenic. Rice plants absorb the synthetic arsenic. When your dog and cat consume the rice they are also consuming inorganic arsenic. Inorganic arsenic is bio-accumulative toxin.

Protect your dog and cat’s health, don't include rice, grains or other starchy carbohydrates in your companion animal's diet.


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