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Well, someone asked this question last week and I gave my honest opinion - they were none to pleased with the answer.

Here is how she asked her question I have been presented with a very unique opportunity of possibly cloning my dog. I absolutely adore my precious little dog…and would like to know other's insights and thoughts on the subject of cloning their beloved dogs…I can provide more information about my situation, if interested'.

I shook, my head in disbelief - there are so many dogs who have been let down by humanity - who deserve a chance to have a good life, but for one reason or another  - through no fault of their own, are abused, neglected, abandoned, waiting to be euthanized in a high kill shelterand she wants to clone her dog?

Please, take the money you would spend on the cloning - instead adopt one of these deserving, beautiful dogs and donate the remaining money to a humane shelter... 

My beautiful Jordie is a rescue, he was going to be shot
There are thousands of dogs euthanized around the world - on a daily basis - because no one can be bothered with them - there is nothing wrong with most of these dogs...for a  reason, not of their own making (almost always at the hands of human infidelity, cruelty, neglect, ignorance) they end up in high kill shelters or starving and ill on the streets. The are gassed to death in gas chambers (a slow and terrifying way to die which can take more than 30 minutes) - in other places they are 'euthanized' by heart sticking and by many other horrible, cruel means. Not shelters - death camps.

My beautiful Abby is a rescue, she was going to be euthanized
I believe if you truly love dogs for the dog, rather than for solely selfish reasons you find it in your heart to give one of these deserving abandoned, rescue dogs a chance at the life they deserve.

All dogs have so much that they are willing to share with humanity. If we are willing to open our minds to see, we can learn so much from them about ourselves. They can help us be more aware of our own behaviour and give us a second chance to grow into better, wiser and happier individuals. When you help a dog it is not just the dog that gets a second lease on life and a new is also the human.

My Boxer Robbie was so badly abused
he was not adoptable and would have been euthanized
I am sorry - but I have seen too many dogs die at the hands of humans - for no good reason other than no one cared. So  cloning a dog when there are so many beautiful dogs being euthanized as I write - cloning for purely selfish reasons would be a shallow, self-centred path to follow. Just my feeling, just my opinion.

Cloning is no assurance that you will get the same dog that you have. Just as our personalities are influenced by the experiences we have in life so to for dogs. We cannot hope to replicate who we were 10 years ago or even 2 years ago - we all change with time. Maybe you would bring up your dog’s clone even better than you brought the original dog up but; you cannot pre-determine that nothing will ever happen in a cloned dog's life to alter it's personality path. We can do everything we can to prevent but not determine. It is all of those things in combination with genetics that makes us who we are.

Can you be 100% assured that your dog’s clone will be the same as your existing dog? Those who wish to make money off of your love for your existing dog, by attempting to duplicate her will tell you replicate - the result is 100% assured. Well - I can assure you that the result - a duplicate of your existing dog, body, mind and soul is 100% impossible.

Did they also mention that often the cloned animal is born with missing parts or that it's insides (organs etc.) are incomplete and/or improperly functioning?

Is there anything more selfish? How unfair to create a situation were yet another dog is brought into this world ill or handicapped just because a human wanted something. We have done this too may times over the ages in so many ways...creating breeds that are prone to hip and other joint problems, fragile bones, bad teeth, poor sinuses, infections due to folds in skin (i.e. the Shar-pei) and the list of ailments goes on. When will we learn. When will dogs stop suffering because of our selfish desires. Better to adopt a beautiful dog who deserves a chance at the life they deserve then bring another broken life into existence.

I lost my best friend and soul mate - Shanny my first dog, A German Shepherd x Alaskan Malamute to inoperable cancer 2 months before her 10th birthday, that was many years ago. Would I have cloned her had I had the chance - it is something that I would wonder about as a passing thought but realistically replication of all that an individual is - no, there are two many other factors that make us who we are.

Shanny lives on in me, and in my pack of 10 dogs as all that she taught me, all that she shared with me. Her legacy is what I do today as a holistic behaviorist and diet nutrition wellness advisor, her legacy is all the dogs I have helped in the past and will help in the future...that is a powerful thing to share from one dog to another dog. 

So, please don't clone, adopt instead. There are other ways that you can help too, and it does not cost you anything...

If you would like to inform yourself of what really goes on in the world of dogs you can visit the CARE 2 site and other such informative sites. You can make a difference by signing petitions to stop the neglect, abuse and make the world a better place for man’s best friend. I sign many petitions on a daily basis to help bring change to how dogs are treated around the world. Signing does make a difference. Many cases are won because enough caring people took the seconds it takes to sign. Making a difference takes minutes!

Here is the link to the animal welfare petitions on CARE 2
Petitions for Animal Welfare

Change.Org is another excellent site
Petitions for Animal Welfare

The Animal
Petitions for Animal Welfare

Go Petition International
Petitions for Animal Welfare

If you would also like to help feed rescued dogs in need, you can go to this link and click once daily - its a free way for you to donate, as the site sponsor picks up the tab!

CARE 2 Click to Donate Free, you click and CARE 2 corporate sponsors donate. 

The Animal Rescue Site, you click and Animal Rescue Site corporate sponsors donate.

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