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Even if you don't have a lot of time you can help make a difference to the welfare of dogs, other domesticated and non-domesticated animals by taking a few minutes once a week you can make a difference - and it does not have to cost you any money!

Three simple ways to choose from...

One - You can sign a petition;
Two - You can donate a tweet;
Three - You can click to give free food and care to a homeless pet.

It is quick and easy, I will provide you with the links below! 
If you don't believe doing so will make a difference you are wrong! 

When enough people pitch-in we do have the power to make change. Here are a few very recent examples for you...

A man in Greece lured and then beat three defenceless dogs with a sledge hammer - one died, the other three survived, only because some people came by in time to see what this man was doing. The two surviving dogs, although horrifically injured they underwent extensive surgery and are now recovering. A petition was started to try to persuade the Greek authorities to take action. Well enough of us signed to make a difference - we spoke for those poor dogs who could not speak for themselves. More than 20,000 signatures. Well the trial occurred this week of January 9th, 2012 . Due to the pressure exerted by all of the signatures –  for the first time in modern Greek history a proper sentence (if there can said to be one) was imposed on the man – jail time and $10,000 (US $). Those few seconds it takes to sign can make a difference!

Another one I signed – a man had his gentle service dog taken away (in the USA) just because it was a Pit Bull mix, again so many people signed the petition the dog was returned and taken off of death row last week.

And this week I received notice that Bones the Pit Bull - was released to a rescue organization. Bones, like so many Pit Bulls had no choice about who acquired him. He was purchased by a man in NYC who was a thug. The man murdered an acquaintance and just because Bones was owned by the murderer, Bones was condemned to death. Well, a petition went out and enough of us signed and emailed. This week I received notice from the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene that they had decided to release Bones and not euthanize him - the pressure was too great - they have given him over to a rescue group. Bones is a beautiful boy and can now have the opportunity to live the life he deserves to live - to be loved and to give love like only a dog can.

We all have the opportunity to help change the future!

So if you would like to donate even a few minutes a week to support animal welfare, here are some excellent sites that will help you contribute to making the world a better place for our animals.

Petition Sites...

You can go to any of these sites to choose a petition of your choice to support. Most of these sites also have petitions for environmental causes as well.
If you do not have time to look yourself, you can always follow me on twitter as I tweet to share and exchange information (with other animal welfare advocates) many animal welfare petitions.

Center for Biological Diversity

Donate a Tweet...

If you do not want to sign petitions, but would still like to help you can choose an organization to donate a tweet to on a daily basis by going to JustCoz.Org, just browse and choose.

Donate a Click - The Corporate Sponsors Donate Food and Care
This costs you nothing but your time, when you click the sponsors donate food and care...

The Animal Rescue Site - Click to Provide Food and Care for Pets in Need

CARE 2 - Click to Feed Pets In Need 

Freekibble - Click to Feed Dogs 

Freekibble - Click to Feed Cats 

And my dogs would like to say thanks to you for reading this and helping other dogs and animals who need help!


Thank you everyone, woof :>)

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