Friday, 8 March 2013

Information For People Who Want To Surrender Their Dog to Me ( to keep, rehabilitate, etc.)

Option One – I Would Be Pleased to Work With You to Correct Your Dogs Behaviour

If you are, for example in one of the following situations…

  • A mother who is pregnant or just had a baby and is worried about the dog-baby relationship;
  • A family with children, a couple or a single person:
    • Who has had their dog since puppy-hood the dog is now an adult dog with behavioural problems i.e. bites its people;
    • Who has a hyper, anxious, obsessive or aggressive dog and has been told by a trainer, behaviourist, and/or veterinarian that the dog cannot be rehabilitated and must be put on drugs and/or ‘put down’
    • A family with several dogs and the dogs are fighting with each other,
    • Who has a dog with severe separation anxiety and cannot afford to repair the house, or on-going vet bills if the situation is not fixed’
    • A dog that is aggressive-reactive to other dogs or to strangers;
  • And so on.

Many people who are experiencing the same issues as you are contact me. In the course of a typical week I get many such inquiries as I specialize in working with dogs in medium to extreme states of behaviour.  Many of these people:

  • Have, before finding me – been to multiple trainers and behavourists;
    • Spent $1000’s of dollars and their dog’s behaviour has only become worse;
    • They understand that it is not the dog’s fault, instead realizing that they have, themselves not led by the right example;
    • They realize that the dog is in its current state a) because they inadvertently created the behaviour in the dog and b) that the methods used by the trainers or behavourists were inappropriate;
  • They love their dog and are not willing to pass the dog off to someone else as they realize that this will only make the dog worse and place it in danger of being ‘put-to-sleep’;
So they engage me to work with them to turn the behaviour around -  this same service is available to you just as it is to other people in the same situation as you are in.

Option Two – Taking and Keeping Your Dog

On a daily and weekly basis people also contact me to ask If I will take their dog.

I have my own packof 10 dogs (8 rescues, including dogs that were on death-row) – 10 dogs to whom I am sole guardian. I look after them by myself, I pay for their upkeep by  myself. I also work full-time as a Dog Whisperer working work with clients and their dogs, writing educational material, donating my time on a daily basis to helping dogs in need, here and around the world, I am a single mother, I look after a home and 5.5 acres on my own – I carry more responsibility on my shoulders than most people. So no, I cannot take your dog.

If you do not want to do a session with me to turn the situation around so you can keep YOUR dog who you say you love, then you can consult this comprehensive list of shelters and rescues and choose one or more to contact to see if they will take YOUR dog.

If you need to surrender your dog to a shelter or rescue due to the fact that you have cancer or another debilitating, life threatening illness or are dying and you have no family members or friends who will take your dog – then I understand your situation and encourage you to look at this list of rescues/shelters and find one that will take your dog. 

Additional Assistance

If you require additional support and guidance I would be pleased to assist you via my In-Person or On-Line Services…

Dog Obedience Training and Behaviour Modification Services:
In-Person sessions are available via this service
On-Line consultation and sessions are available via this service

Unbiased Diet, Nutrition, Product Advice is available via this service
Diet, Nutrition Wellness Plans are available via this service