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Leotards for Dogs to ‘keep’ your House, Car Clean – Unethical?

Leotards for Dogs to ‘keep’ your House, Car Clean – Unethical? It's NATURAL for dogs to shed their fur, it's NOT natural for dog to excessively shed their fur. If your dog is shedding excessively is this what you need? Is it what your dog needs? What's the REAL problem...

OK, so what do you all think? Leotards SPECIFICALLY designed to prevent dogs from shedding (losing their fur) in your house,  on your furniture, in your car etc.

These leotards are undeniably CUTE in appearance, BUT, in MY opinion, the way this product is being marketed is a HUGE problem – here’s why …

The pet industry is ALREADY over-populated with companies that create/manufacture and PUSH products that are designed FIRST for PROFIT, regardless of the short and long-term deleterious effect on dogs’ health. 

The industry encourages dog owners to ‘normalize’ the masking of health or behavior issues and conditions as opposed to actually and NATURALLY treating and remedying conditions. Let’s be honest – the many unethical pet food, treat, grooming products and synthetic drugs are the PREDOMINANT CAUSE of health issues and conditions in the first place. 

In my opinion pet owners don’t need yet another product that normalizes a condition (EXCESSIVE shedding) that typically results from a poor diet, and health deteriorating veterinary ‘care’ (i.e. over-vaccination, immune system destroying synthetic-chemical pesticides = flea tick heartworm ‘preventatives’, toxic shampoo, toxic oral care products, etc.

If your dog is NOT suffering from EXCESSIVE shedding and you simply WISH to keep your home, or car ‘fur-free’ – well, a dog is NOT an appropriate companion for you.
  • Putting a leotard on a dog to save the pristine look of your vehicle is NOT an act of true love, it is an act of selfishness.
    • Your dog can overheat.
    • Your dog can get hung-up in the garment in your absence while he/she attempts to remove it on his/her own.
    • It's a choking hazard.
    • For smaller dogs a bone-breaking hazard. 
If your dog is excessively shedding address the root cause for the benefit of your dog’s long-term health and quality of life. 

In the interim - put a sheet on your car seats (or purchase a commercial dog car-seat protector), and before your dog gets in the vehicle give him/ her a quick brushing to remove excess fur.

By marketing this product as the company is currently doing it is MY opinion, they are simply reinforcing the fundamental WRONG done by an unethical pet industry that preys on the uninformed public. Obviously the marketing angle they have chosen is smart if your overriding priority is PROFIT. How about an approach that balances profit and the health of the dog equally? Yah, not going to happen, because the pet industry is greedy. So YOU, as your dog’s guardian are put in a position where you must do your homework, and think beyond marketing schemes to protect your dog’s health and well-being.

Had this company chosen to market their product in a less problematic manner, I would be applauding them for their innovation, rather than looking at their product with grave concern.

In my opinion there are good uses for dog leotards - for example...

  • Dogs with specific skin health conditions – example the dog needs his /her skin/fur covered during the healing process. 
  • For dogs that are susceptible to cold due to short fur type – i.e. Boxers, Chihuahuas, Greyhounds, Whippets, etc. 
  • For dogs with compromised immune systems, etc. that make him / her susceptible to cold.
  • To help limit exposure to ticks and other disease causing insects.
  • And a few caveats to the above - 
    • Warm and hot ambient air temperatures are a mitigating factor in which a dog leotard can pose a high risk to the dogs health. 
    • Dogs that do not readily accept wearing close-fitting garments should not be forced to wear a dog leotard unless closely monitored.  
    • A dog leotard may pose a choking or other hazard if the fabric catches, or gets snagged while on a dog. This can happen in the house, in the car, in your backyard, on a walk, etc.
    • Use with caution.

In my opinion, the impetuous behind the creating and marketing of this product makes it just another money grab, in a market place that teaches the pet owner to seek band-aid fixes rather than healthful solutions that support short and long-term quality of life for a dog. Just my opinion, for the health of your dog. 

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