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For Puppies, Adult Dogs and Senior Dogs
For Kittens and Cats

1. About a Custom Diet, Nutrition Wellness Plan

A comprehensive custom-made guide  designed to suit yours and your companion’s needs…
  1. Main diet with best fit options that respect your personal situation
    • i.e. your dog’s needs balanced with lifestyle and associated constraints as pertains to your personal situation
  2. Supplementation as required to best support health
    • Combination of food items, herbs and herbals, nutraceuticals, supplements etc. as required to suit
    • Complete with dosage, cautions, interactions and other relevant background information to suit
  3. Guidance on specific natural topical treatments
  4. Guidance regarding health care regimen
  5. Related reference material

Holistic Support To Suit Your Situation

  1. Get your puppy or cat off to a good start in life
  2. Support your dog’s and cat’s health holistically to avoid the development of chronic health conditions
  3. For dogs that are very physically active (agility, fly ball etc.) and require enhanced support for muscle and ligament health, etc.
  4. For dogs and cats with health issues:
    1. Support the immune system and overall health naturally
    2. Treat symptoms  find and address root cause (as applicable) naturally
    3. Avoid the development of additional issues
    4. Reduce or stop reliance on conventional drugs such as antibiotics, NSAIDs and non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.
    5. To support and speed the healing of wounds naturally
  5. For dogs and cats with anxiety issues to support better serotonin levels, gastrointestinal and brain function, etc.
2. Example Plans 
  1. Healthy Companion Diet Nutrition Wellness Plan
    • Designed to support  good overall health
  2. Active Dog Diet Nutrition Wellness Plan
    • Designed to support  good overall health, and
    • Special needs such as additional joint support for very active dogs (agility, fly ball, etc.)
  3. Treatment of Short Term Health Issues
    • Designed to support  good overall health, and
    • Treat short-term health issues, for example
      • Healing and Recovery
        • Post surgery
        • Wounds
        • etc.
  4. Chronic Health Conditions
    • Designed to support  good overall health, and
    • Provide treatment, management and/or remedy for specific health conditions, for example…
    1. Allergies
      1. Food
      2. Environment
      3. Fleas
      4. Drugs
    2. Arthritis and related conditions
    3. Bacterial, fungal, yeast infections, i.e.
      1. Ears
      2. Eyes
      3. Paws
      4. Pyometra (open)
      5. Skin
      6. Etc.
    4. Cancer
      1. Supportive, cancer fighting diet and supplementation
      2. Offset effects of chemo, radiation
    5. Dental/Oral Care
      1. Routine Care and Maintenance
      2. Periodontal disease
      3. Gingivitis – inflamed and bleeding gums
      4. Tooth infections
      5. Etc.
    6. Digestive and Gastrointestinal Tract Issues, i.e.
      1. Acid-Reflux (Gerd)
      2. Diarrhea acute and chronic
      3. GI Tract chronic conditions
      4. Etc.
    7. Eye Health
    8. Fatty Lipomas
    9. Heart Health
    10. Lymph Node inflammation
    11. Natural Insect and Parasite Prevention
    12. Skin Issues
    13. Urinary Tract Issues, i.e.
      1. Bladder and Kidney crystals and stones
      2. Shunts
      3. Urinary Tract Infections
      4. etc.
    14. Weight
      1. Gain
      2. Loss
    15. Etc.
3. Getting Started is Simple
Send me an email or give me a quick call so that you can provide me with a brief explanation of the item or issue you would like me to address for you.
  1. I will let you now if I require any additional information from you
  2. Once you have provided the  information I can provide you with a cost quotation
  3. Once you have paid I will provide you with a time frame for completion of your Plan
  4. When your Plan is complete I will email it to you.
4.Cost and Payment Options
For information on cost and payment options go Go Here >>

5. Locations Service is Available

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Note -

1.0 Use of Foods, Herbs, Nutraceuticals and Alternative Medicines:

When choosing to use any of the items or protocols in the article above, it is your responsibility to ensure safe use of the item/protocol. Food, herbs, nutraceuticals and alternative medicines all have drug interactions, most have health issue contradictions, some have side effects. Use of substances and protocols are your responsibility. Prior to use of any substance or protocol make sure you do your research - check for all cautions, contradictions,interactions, side effects. If in doubt do not use the substance or protocol. If the substance, or protocol is contradicted for your animal do not use. If your animal has an underlying condition you are not aware of substances may conflict with that condition.

2.0 The Real Meaning of Holistic…

Food, herbs, nutraceuticals and alternative medicines are NOT ‘holistic’ they are a substance and MAY, or may NOT be ‘NATURAL’. It is important to keep in mind that the supplement industry is just as unethical as BigPharma, the Food and Pet Food Industry, and unfortunately many veterinarians.

If you use a ‘natural’ substance (i.e. an herb) you are using a natural substance, this is not synonymous with holistic.

Holistic is a way of approaching life, and within that - overall health, and wellbeing.

Please do not expect a natural substance to miraculously remedy a health or behavioral situation. A natural substance may be used to treat symptoms. However, if the factors causing the underlying issue are not properly identified, analyzed and addressed you do not have a remedy.

Remedy requires a comprehensive approach that identifies root cause, seeks to remove items that trigger, cause or otherwise contribute to issues, and builds a complete, and detailed approach to immediate treatment, remedy, and maintenance of long-term health = holistic.

I offer extensive consultation services - Holistic Diet, Nutrition Wellness and Holistic Behavioral, for people that are serious about looking after their dogs and cats holistically. If you want to engage my services you can contact me via email or phone.

If you are looking for additional free advice, please refer back to the articles on my site, do not contact me via email or phone - personalized service is for my clients / patients only.

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