Dog Training On-Line

I offer dog training on-line for your dog training needs.

Dog obedience, dog behavior modification and psychological rehabilitation sessions with you via:

My on-line dog training sessions are available to you no matter where you live:
  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia
  • Europe
  • Costa Rica and other Central American Countries
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Sweden and other Scandinavian Countries
  • Singapore and other Countries in Asia 
  • etc
Dog and Puppy Training on-line sessions
  • Obedience Training for puppies and dogs  currently experiencing a normal range of behavior.
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Dog and Puppy Behavior Modification on-line sessions

Having a difficult time dealing with your puppy’s or dog’s behavior?  You've already done dog obedience training elsewhere?  

You need...
  • Behavior Modification Training for puppies and dogs experiencing medium intensity behavior issues. 
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Dog and Puppy Psychological Rehabilitation on-line sessions
  • Is your puppy or dog experiencing:
  • High intensity behavior? 
  • Insecurity leading to anxious behaviors?
  • Obsessive behavior ?
  • Aggressive-reactive behavior resulting in biting?
You need...
  • Psychological Rehabilitation for dogs experiencing high intensity to red-zone (over-threshold) behavior issues.
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Get Started. It's Simple!

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Describe the issue you need help with. For this initial email keep your description to a few sentences. I will let you know what extra information I need from you.
  • I will recommend the best method of consultation for your situation.
  • I will provide you with a quote for your on-line session.

Information on my Hourly Fees
  • 🖥📱FaceTime sessions here.
  • 🖥📱FaceBook video or voice sessions here.
  • 🖥📱Skype sessions here.
  • ︎ 📱Phone sessions here.

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