Dog (Cat) Food and Treats to Avoid, Lacking in Nutrition full of Toxins, Carcinogens - Manufacturers at the Top of My Shame List

Five Mega Multi-National Companies - Five Common Household Names - So Much Deception…

Del Monte Foods
Procter & Gamble
The Big Five listed above produce multiple brands of some of the most popular dog and cat food and treats available in North America.
  • Their products are:
    • Sold at most grocery stores;
      • Large retailers such as Walmart;
      • Pet stores such as Petsmart.
      • Pushed by Veterinarians on Trusting, Unsuspecting, Loving, Dog Owners
  • They:
    • Have huge marketing campaigns;
    • Their products are sold in veterinarian offices... 
  •  BUT...
    • What you might not know is that their products are a serious threat to your dog’s, cat’s health and longevity;
      • Further below I will provide a list of the popular products each of these companies make;
    •  If you are feeding your companion animal one of their products I recommend that you STOP FEEDING your companion animal their products, and lastly...
  •  AND...
    • They test their products on dogs, cats and other animals – I am not talking about ‘taste testing’, I am talking about testing that kills innocent ‘research’ dogs and cats!

The Big Five’s Products are a Major Cause of Illness & Death in Companion Animals
Their products are packed with:

 Harmful ingredients rather than species appropriate, quality ingredients

Are You Feeding Your Dog or Cat Any of The Big Five’s Products?
Your dog, cat is at extreme risk of developing health issues and having his/her life span fore-shortened…
  • Did you know that 10 of the top 10 reasons for a veterinarian visit can be directly related to inappropriate diet and exposure to ingested, inhaled and topically absorbed toxins.
  • Many of the ingredients in their products  are the #1 cause of long-term ailments and illness, such as;
    • Cancer;
    • Diabetes;
    • Fatty Tumors,
    • Organ Failure;
    • And so much more.
  • Complete with:
    • High levels of poor source Omega-6 fatty acids, and:
    • Low levels of Omega-3 Fatty acids - also derived from unhealthy sources;
  • In combination with highly processed cereal grains that further spike Omega-6 levels to create a health threatening lack of balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids -  a contributing factor to anxiety leading to anxious behaviours such as hyper activity or aggressive-reactive behaviour.
If  you are buying dental chews or doggie tooth paste that is made by one of these companies; their dental ’health’ products ‘healthcare’ are also full of toxins, carcinogens and species inappropriate food stuff.

The Big Five are Experts at Misleading and False Advertising

They all have large and powerful marketing campaigns including TV aids that show happy, healthy perky cute dogs in the best of health, but…
  • The image in the advertisements and packaging are not reflective of reality;
  • Their products do not support the health of your dog, the only thing that their products support is the acquisition of wealth for:
    • Themselves;
    • Their Retailers;
    • The Giant Pharmaceutical Companies – that make chemical based drugs to treat the illness that your dog acquired via toxic, carcinogenic, species inappropriate dog food.
    • Conventional practioners of Veterinarian medicine who push/sell their product.
Pedigree’s latest TV campaign states that their product is:
  • ‘Professional Nutrition’ 
  • When in-fact their product is anything but
  • Their product is engineered to bring in huge profits at the expense of your dog’s health. 
Terms such as ‘professional nutrition’, ‘premium’, ‘natural’ are completely unregulated

According to the FDA:
Many pet foods are labeled as "premium," and some now are "super premium" and even "ultra premium." Other products are touted as "gourmet" items. Products labeled as premium or gourmet are not required to contain any different or higher quality ingredients, nor are they held up to any higher nutritional standards than are any other complete and balanced products.

The term "natural" is often used on pet food labels, although that term does not have an official definition either. .."Natural" is not the same as "organic." The latter term refers to the conditions under which the plants were grown or animals were raised. There are no official rules governing the labeling of organic foods for pets at this time…do not be swayed by the many marketing gimmicks or eye-catching claims…”

As to the term 'organic'- well by the time the organic ingredient has been added to the product and gone through processing along with the other ingredients - the organic ingredient is no longer organic.

The Big Five & Their Products
1. Colgate-Palmolive Dog and Cat 'Food'

  • Hill's Prescription Diet -
    • Read about some of the issues with these foods here and here.
  • Hill's Science Diet (recommended and sold by many conventional veterinarians);
    • Read this and then look at the ingredients listed on some of their products here.
    • And they also make many of the toxic commonly used household cleaners:
      • These chemical-based cleaners also contribute to a dog’s toxic load, and;
      • Your dog licks the floor, walks on the floor, lies on the floor and absorbs toxins into his/her blood stream through the skin on his/her foot pads and by licking his/her fur;
      • If the cleaner is a spray-on application the microscopic airborne particles become air-borne and are inhaled by your dog

2. Del Monte Foods Dog and Cat 'Food'

  • Dog and Cat Food
  • Alley Cat;
  • Canines Carry Outs;
  • Gravy Train;
  • Jerky Treats;
  • Kibbles-n-Bits;
  • Meow Mix;
  • Milk-Bone;
  • Milo’s Kitchen;
  • Meaty Bone;
  • Natures Recipes;
  • Pounce;
  • Pup-Peroni;
  • Snausages;
  • 9-Lives;
  • Read this and then look at the ingredients listed on any of their products that you are currently feeding your dog.

3. Mars Dog and Cat 'Food'

  • Cesar
  • Kal Kan;
  • Mealtime;
  • Nutro;
  • Pedigree;
  • Royal Canine (recommended and sold by many conventional veterinarians);
  • Sheba;
  • Waltham's; 
  • Whiskas;
  • Read this and then look at the ingredients listed on some of their products here.

4. Nestlé Dog and Cat 'Food'

  • Alpo;
  • Dog Chow;
  • Fancy Feast;
  • Friskies;
  • Mighty Dog;
  • And their Ralston Purina products i.e...
    • Canyon Creek Ranch;
    • Beneful
    • Dog Chow;
    • ProPlan;
    • Puppy Chow
    • Purina One;
  • Read this and then look at the ingredients listed on some of their products here.

They actually state right on the front page of their website that  they are proud of the inclusion of grain and corn in their pet foods' - their lack of ethics is unconscionable.

5. Procter & Gamble

  • Eukanuba;
  • Iams, (recommended and sold by many conventional veterinarians);
  • Eukanuba;
  • Natura;
  • Read this and then look at the ingredients listed on some of their products here.

Product Research, Development and Testing

All of these companies test on animals INCLUDING DOGS and CATS – testing that is invasive, painful and lethal. If the animal does not die first of pain and shock, from its wounds inflected on it by the researchers, or from the damage done to it externally and internally by the poisons and toxins forced upon it, when the researchers are finished ‘testing’ on the animal they kill it.

For the Health of your Dog, Cat and to protect the innocent lives of 'research' dogs and cats STOP Feeding your companion animal the big Five's products!

I do not feel that legalized cruelty to animals is civilized or acceptable - the pet food industry is, in my opinion a huge perpetrator of systematic animal cruelty.

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