Ginger - Herbs for Dogs and Cats

Ginger herb for dogs and cats

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1. Ginger
2. Health Benefits
3. Cautions
4. Side Effects
5. Interactions
6. General Guideline for Daily Herbal Intake 

1.0  Ginger
Ginger is a spice that is also cherished for its medicinal qualities. 

Ginger can be used in various forms:
  • Dry powder
  • Fresh sliced or finely minced root, or juice
  • Tea
  • Tincture
  • Encapsulated powder
2.0 Health Benefits – a partial list

Ginger is commonly used to treat a variety of conditions, for example:
  • Ingested Uses
    • Appetite Loss
    • Arthritis
      • Osteoarthritis
      • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Bronchitis
    • Cough
    • Diarrhea
    • Dizziness
    • Gas
    • Increase blood circulation (i.e., to help prevent vascular damage such as frostbite to a dog’s ears), to support heart health, etc.
    • Nausea (i.e. caused by: anxiety, travel sickness, cancer treatment - chemotherapy)
    • Stomach issues including motion sickness
    • Vomiting (i.e., post surgery)
    • Upset stomach
    • Pain relief for:
      • Back
      • Hip
      • Knee
      • Stomach
      • Muscle soreness
    • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Topical Uses:
    • Treatment of a burn to the skin
    • Treatment to relieve pain to the skin

3.0 Cautions
If your dog or cat:
  • Is pregnant use ginger with extreme caution, only use in minimal amounts if at all
  • Is lactating don’t feed ginger
  • Has a bleeding disorder or is on anticoagulants

4.0 Side Effects
  • Ginger may lower blood sugar levels:
    • If your dog or cat has diabetes, his/her medications may have to be adjusted

5.0 Drug Interactions
  • Anti-diabetes drugs
  • Anticoagulant, Anti-platelet drugs
  • Drugs for high blood pressure

6.0 General Guideline
Daily Herbal Intake Based on Dog’s or Cat’s Weight
Click on the chart to zoom in:
Ginger dosing chart for dogs and cats

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