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Bone Broth Gelatin (Gel, Jelly) for Dogs, Cats Health

Bone broth gelatin for dogs and cats

Bone Broth Gelatin (gel, jelly) for dogs, cats health is a nutritious, simple DIY health promoting addition to your dog’s and cat’s diet. The benefits of bone broth gelatin – also known as bone both gel, or bone broth jelly are numerous…

Benefits of Bone Broth Gelatin – Partial List
  • Rich in amino acids and collagen
  • Rich in glycine – bone broth and bone broth gelatin contain glycine
    • Anti-seizure supporting
    • Brain health supporting
    • Blood health
    • Helps in the formulation of hemoglobin
    • Detox
    • Helps the bodies detoxification process
    • Digestive Health
    • Helps in the formulation of bile salts
    • Supports digestion and secretion of gastric acids
    • Liver health
    • Musculoskeletal health supporting
    • Supports skin health
  • Proline
    • Proline adjuncts vitamin C in supporting skin health
  • Diarrhea
    • Stop diarrhea caused by pathogens – offer small amounts of bone broth gelatin (gel, jelly) every few minutes
  • Digestive health
    • GI tract upset
    • Neutralize bad bacteria / toxins, aid healing of the gut
  • Mineral source
  • Protein rich
  • Upper Respiratory Infections, colds, flu
    • Chicken bone broth/gelatin helps to mitigate inflammation of the upper respiratory tract by supporting BUT make sure you use bones from chickens that were non-GMO fed, ABX-free, hormone-free raised.
Simple Bone Broth Gelatin (Gel, Jelly) Recipe

You will Need
  • A large stainless steel pot or crock pot/slow cooker
  • Filtered water
  • Bones (see below)
Use bones without meat or bones that have a small amount of meat remaining on the bone.
Place 1 lbs, up to 2 lbs of bones in a pot or slow cooker – use bones from pasture raised, grass fed animals. CAFO raised animal bones do not contain sufficient collagen to support gelling, and the resulting gel will be nutrient poor.

To ensure sufficient gelatin include some chicken necks, heads, chicken feet, or fish heads – these are high in collagen which helps to create nutrient rich, healing gelatin.

Add only enough water to just cover the bones – the level of water may reduce during the cooking process- you can top-up the water to just cover the bones.

Add 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar.

Allow the bones to sit in the water /apple cider vinegar mixture for 20 to 30 minutes prior to heating the pot. If the ambient air is very warm only allow unheated pot to sit for 20 minutes.
Cook at a low heat for a minimum of 12 to 24 hours.

Cooking process is complete when some if not all bones turn to mush when pressed between your fingers. If cooking beef bones the total cooking time may extend to 72 hours.

When cooking is finished, strain the bone broth, allow to cool a little, and then pour into glass containers or wide mouth glass bottles, and refrigerate. Your bone broth gelatin can be stored in the refrigerator for a week or two. You can also freeze your bone broth gelatin in ice cube trays and give as a treat on a warm day. You can also freeze in glass containers and take out to defrost when needed.

Optional Ingredients for Bone Broth Gelatin (Gel, Jelly) for Dogs, Cats

Add a teaspoon of health-promoting, dog-friendly, cat-friendly organic or wild-crafted herbs, for example choose one or use a combination of:
If your dog or cat is suffering from a medical condition make sure you check condition, and drug interactions before using herb.

How to Add Bone Broth Gelatin (Gel, Jelly) to Your Dog’s, Cat’s Diet
  • Add a spoon / cube of bone broth gelatin (jelly, gel) to your dog’s or cat’s food once, or twice a day.
  • Use bone broth gelatin to hide / administer medications (conventional, herbal, alternative medicines) to your dog or cat.
  • Add some gelatin (jelly, gel) to a smoothie for your dog or cat.
  • Use the gelatin as a nutritious treat between meals. 
Pastured, Free Range v.s. Factory Farm Sourced Bones
Animals (e.g. chicken, cows, ducks, pigs, turkeys) raised in *concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO) animals spend their short life, living in miserable conditions. CAFO **animals are fed a toxic, species inappropriate diet. Many of these toxins (e.g. lead and other heavy metals, drug residue) remain in the animal's flesh and bones after slaughter.  I recommend broth and bone broth not be made with factory farm sourced animal flesh and bones.

If you want to make health supporting bone broth use bones sourced from pastured, free-range or organic pasture, free range.  The second best choice is bones sourced from organic raised animals.
Learn more here, about intensively farmed animals, how animal protein, fat and bones sourced from these animals can adversely effect the health of your dog and cat. 
* also known as: factory farms, industrial farms 
** also known as: factory farm-raised,  intensively farmed

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  1. Would lamb tails be good for this or do they have too much meat left on them?

  2. Can I use spring water I collected my self, or is that too rich in minerals?


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