Is This Toxic Additive In Your Dog and Cat's Food, Treats and Supplements – Flavoring, Flavor Enhancers

toxic flavoring in dog and cat food, treats and supplements
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  1. The truth about flavoring in pet food and supplements
  2. Used to cover-up inappropriate ingredients
  3. Flavor in conventional medications and supplements
  4. Does the type of flavoring matter?
  5. The bottom line

The Truth About Flavoring in Pet Food and Supplements

Flavoring and flavor enhancers are a threat to your dog and cats health. Why are these toxic additives used as an ingredient in dog and cat food, treats, supplements, and drugs?

The pet food, and supplement industry uses artificial and natural flavoring to mask (cover-up) inappropriate ingredients in:
  1. Pet food and treats
  2. Supplements
  3. Conventional medications
  4. Personal care products
 For example:
The pet food industry uses flavor, and flavor enhancers to fool your dog and cat’s taste receptor system. 
Your dog and cat's taste receptor system is responsible for detecting chemicals present in the oral cavity. The taste receptor system evolved to ensure dogs and cats self-selected safe and appropriate foods in their natural setting. A dog and cat's species appropriate diet is raw animal protein, animal fats, bones and a small amount of plant materials. These items are comprised of naturally occurring organic chemicals. 
Processed pet food is 'scientifically' formulated to fool a dog and cat's taste receptors. Dry and canned pet food is engineered for profit, not for health. Species inappropriate bulk fillers, and additives are used in all highly processed dry food products and supplements. 
Flavor enhancers are used to fool the taste receptor system by using synthetic chemicals to mimic the natural chemical profiles of essential nutrients such as essential amino acids in raw meat. These synthesized chemicals signal the brain, and body that essential nutrition intake has been fully and appropriately satisfied.

This same tactic is used by pet food manufacturers to entice dogs, and cats to consume species inappropriate ingredients. For example: corn, soy, beans and other inflammatory, chronic disease causing ‘ingredients’.

Flavoring in Conventional Medications and Supplements

Flavor is added to entice dogs and cats to consume items that they may not want to eat.  Many dogs and cats self-indicate they do not want conventional medications. 
For example, conventional heartworm 'prevention' products.
Dogs will often spit out conventional heartworm tablets and soft chews. 
Because the dog's taste receptors analyze the synthetic-chemical pesticide, and recognize it is health destroying toxin. Nature's natural system to protect dogs (and cats) from harm.
Flavoring (natural, artificial and organic) contain allergens, toxins and carcinogens. A remedy, treatment or cure is not ‘health’ promoting if it contains allergens, toxins and carcinogens.  
Dogs and cats use self-selection to avoid inappropriate substances, and choose what they need:
Learn about:
  • The health-harming effects of conventional flea, tick, heartworm and intestinal parasite 'preventatives' and treatments. 
  • Natural alternatives.
Go to this article.

Does the Type of Flavoring Matter?

NO. Artificial flavoring, natural flavoring and organic flavoring are not good for dogs and cats.  
Do you know the difference between artificial, natural, and organic flavoring? Find out and learn more, go to this article.

The Bottom Line

Whole, fresh, species appropriate foods are flavorful, and do not require toxic food additives.  
Supplements should be health promoting, and health supporting. Not health deteriorating.
If a supplement is right for your dog or cat, she will self-select the supplement.  Learn more about self-selection in this article.

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Article by Karen Rosenfeld

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