Sunday, 27 November 2011


Oh, I am going to make some people very angry at me, but I truly do not care...


Why do I think this?

Because I have seen, felt, sensed, experienced that dogs are capable of and do deploy immense intelligence - intelligence that can match and better the capability of many a human.

Because I see the facial expressions of dogs...smiling, happy, depressed, fearful.

'Tasha' my Aussie is smiling!
Because I have seen and experienced my dogs when they are dreaming and when they are having nightmares…just a gentle word from me - there human mom - and the nightmare stops.

Because I have seen and experienced that they could, can and do teach me things about myself and about others that no human ever took the time to teach me.

Because I have seen and experienced that they do grieve, they do care, they do each have their own unique personalities. They do know right from wrong, they are not cruel, they are always ready to do better, they do not hold grudges.

Because I have seen and experienced that they help others without the motivation of monetary reward or any other reward other than wanting to please and just be themselves.

BECAUSE I ASSIGN AS MUCH WORTH TO A DOG AS I DO TO A HUMAN...and sometimes more...depends on the human!

Because when a human takes a dog’s life away through neglect, abuse - cruelty, it is no different to me than taking a human’s life away.

Tasha and Carmen
All dogs have so much that they are willing to share with humanity.  

If we are willing to open our minds to see, we can learn so much from them about ourselves. They can help us be more aware of our own behaviour and give us a second chance to grow into better, wiser and happier individuals. When you help a dog it is not just the dog that gets a second lease on life and a new is also the human.


  1. I totally agree with what you have written about our 4-legged angels. I wish more people had enough insight to consider the intelligence and arrays of emotions that dogs possess.
    Laurette Chapman

    1. Hi Laurette - thank you :>) Dogs are also much better communicators than the average human - it is just that people do not realize it. Paw hugs, Karen


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